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NRA CCW Course


The NEW NRA Concealed Carry Weapon Course teaches the knowledge, skills, and attitude for carrying a handgun for personal protection. The course is designed with up to 10 modules (10 hours), we have selected 8 of the most pertinent modules to yield an 8 hour class. This is NOT A BEGINNER CLASS!! It is best suited to NC cch permit holders that shoot on a regular basis, and/or graduates of NRA Basics of pistol shooting with Distinguished Expert rating in the MQP.

Subjects to be included are:

  • Firearm Safety

  • Pistol nomenclature and selecting a pistol for Self-Defense

  • Drawing from concealment

  • Loading and stoppage remedation

  • Carry modes and pistol concealment

You will be required to bring a reliable handgun, holster (IWB or OWB), concealment garment, eye/ear protection, and 100 rounds of ammunition suited to your handgun.

The shooting performance requirements are much more stringent than those required by the NC Statute.

Here are some specifics on the scoring of the NRA CCW shooting qualification:

  • All presentations will start from concealment (jacket/shirt/vest/etc.) holstered on the waistband (we require IWB (Inside the Waistband) or OWB (outside the waistband holsters).
  • All stages are timed—a combination of speed AND accuracy is required to pass.
  • A safety violation is an automatic failure of the class.
  • A 2-point penalty is assessed for firing after the buzzer, not firing a shot, not scanning & assessing on a stage, or other procedural error (I.E.: shooting a 1-handed stage with 2-hands, etc.)
  • USPSA/IPSC or IDPA targets are used. A 3-point penalty is assessed for each hit in the -3/D area of the targets
  • A single round outside the -3/D line or off of the target is an automatic disqualification for that attempt.

Minimum scores are required to pass this class.

As there is no "legal portion", this course does NOT meet the requirement to obtain a CCH permit in NC.

Registration discounts available: Couples; Alumni; New To Shooting Package; The Well Armed Woman

Visit our schedule for class dates and registration links!

Contact Barry Allen at 919-868-7354 for more information.